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Shop Vintage Contest~

Wear your best vintage outfit( if you have one from one of my shops, even better!) Videotape yourself making a 2-3 minute commercial for either Beau Monde Vintage or Gretel's Boutique. Make it fun. This isn't for an Oscar. It will be shared on Facebook and possibly Youtube. 
The contest will start today & end in 3 months, I want to make sure people have time to do this & I am hoping I get some entries. I think this can be a lot of fun.
I will pick my favorite commercial for the winner. 
The prize is as follows~ You get to pick one whole outfit from my shops. You can pick from either or both shops combined. 
You get~ A shirt & pants/shorts OR A dress, A pair of shoes, A hat, A Purse and a piece of lingerie. 
After you receive your items you will email me a photo of you in your new vintage outfit & you will be featured on my shop pages. I am very excited & I hope you all enter! 
Email your entries to Vintage contest ~
please include your full name, address & phone number. 
Have a wonderful day & good luck!

What is it that you look for in a vintage shop?

I have 2 vintage shops on Etsy. I always keep them more than well stocked & with a wide variety of styles & sizes. I sell mainly women's items. I do have limited men's item's. My main inventory consists of dresses. I also carry shoes, hats, purses, jewelry, lingerie, pants, shirt & sweaters, skirts, coats, capes, jackets, boots, misc. items such as vintage ashtrays, dolls, scarves & more. What I want to know is, what is it that you, the customer, looks for in a vintage store, and how can I improve my shops? I keep my prices reasonable & affordable. All my items are quality nice condition vintage. Please leave your comments, I'd love to hear from you.

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